Regional and International Linkages

Using the principle of Thinking Locally and Acting Globally, Nature Seychelles maintains a broad approach to the global conservation community and agenda. It has strong ties to many regional and international organizations as well as national NGOs and agencies in their respective countries. In addition, it takes part in regional and global discussions and activities.

Birdlife International
Nature Seychelles is the Seychelles partner of Birdlife International, the world’s largest partnership of independent conservation organisations. Birdlife meets regionally very year and every 4 years the World Congress is held. In addition, other meetings and groupings enable Nature Seychelles to influence global bird policy and projects.

University links
We maintain links with oversees Universities, particularly in Europe. Through these relationships we foster scientific interest in Seychelles. These include support for MSc and PhD students and implementing joint projects. Our assistance has enabled foreign scientists to publish scientific papers on Seychelles in leading journals such as Science and Nature.

Regional and Global Meetings
Every year, senior Nature Seychelles staff attend many regional and international fora and meetings to deliver the results of our work and to learn from others. These range from scientific symposia where we present papers, to practitioners’ meetings where we discuss best practices. We have attended important meetings like the Earth Summit (WSSD), the Small Island Developing States Summit and the World Parks Congress.

Regional and Global Organisations
Through membership and partnerships in international entities such as IUCN, WWF, WIOMSA, the Global Ocean Forum, WCPA and others, we take part in  discussions on global positions, conventions, funding, strategy and agreements. In particular, our interest and expertise in SIDS (Small Island Developing States) issues is well recognised.

Regional and Global Projects and Initiatives
We have taken part in several global initiatives such as the  International Biodiversity Observation Year (IBOY) and the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.  In 2003, Nature Seychelles was chosen as the focal point for a COI-funded Regional Environmental Project. It became the Seychelles focal point for the UNEP programme African Environment Outlook for Youth. It has been a focal point in the development of  materials for the teaching of the Global Environmental Outlook. It is a partner of the Ministry of Education in the regional project ARPEGE.

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