Popular weed killer kills frogs

Recently, I came across the answer to a conundrum that had baffled me for some time. When the management of the Sanctuary at Roche Caiman changed hands about two years ago, I became aware of the lack of frogs in the wetland that makes up most of this site. Surely, I thought, such a relatively large standing body of water that is continuously fed by rain should have amphibians. Obviously, so many Tilapia fish in the wetland ate all the tadpoles. But areas that seasonally filled up with water and where there are no fish, never attracted frogs.  At first I thought the run-off from the road and the nearby sports complex car park was having an impact.

Avian Flu and Migratory Birds

This is the third article I have written in this newspaper this year on the Avian flu crisis. In the first in February I warned that the avian flu may become a pandemic. About two months ago, my second article focused on the issue of migratory birds and the risk of spreading the H5N1 avian virus.

Rat evades men, dogs and traps!

One of the most important steps in conservation of islands is to get rid of alien species particularly predators like rats. Rat eradication has been successful on several islands in Seychelles including Darros, Denis and Fregate. The eradication programmes on these private islands were conducted in collaboration with the Seychelles government and Nature Seychelles and we know that the biggest headache after eradication is to prevent rats from re-invading. In fact at least three islands in Seychelles were re-invaded after eradication.

Islands in danger

As you have heard on the media, a 10-day Climate Control Conference attended by representatives of 180 countries is being held in Montreal. The aim: how to cut greenhouse gas emissions further  and slow their impacts.

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