Trading the environment in the marketplace

“It’s the economy, stupid!” said Bill Clinton once. Economics is all pervading, even in environmental management. This is because the environment is an asset and  has value. The value can be quoted in direct as well as indirect terms. Our Marine Parks provide direct financial benefits through entry fees, private sector profits and employment. The Morne Seychellois National Park provides benefits such as water catchment and filtration. Coral reefs provide both direct benefits in supplying fish as well as other benefits such as coastal protection and formation of beaches.

Let us not confuse landscaping with conservation

Many Seychellois have been to Singapore and amidst the frenetic shopping have found time to admire the landscaping of this city state. Billed as the Garden City, Singapore has planted hundreds of thousands of trees and bushes around tourist centers and elsewhere. It is said that our recent landscaping efforts in Seychelles are inspired by Singaporean achievements.

Hurricanes, climate change and the costs of damage

When I was living in Houston, Texas, a hurricane once hit the city and smashed every window in the skyscrapers downtown. Last week, members of my family living there fled from hurricane Rita, with only a few belongings and important papers. They are back now, with Houston mercifully spared. But the devastation caused by Katherina in New Orleans, a city I know well, is unprecedented and beyond belief. One question that keeps popping up is whether climate change is affecting hurricanes in some way or other.

Seas turn Milky White

We were cruising somewhere in the Indian Ocean, two days shipping from Djibouti. Two of us were on the deck of the research vessel in the middle of the night because instruments had to be dropped into the ocean at regular intervals. It was then that we saw the sea turning almost milky white. The captain had seen such a phenomenon before but none of us had.  That was about 18 years ago and although we were all familiar with the bioluminescence common in the ocean we could not find out what was turning the seas milky.

Exciting learning program breaks new ground in conservation

One of the persistent problems we hear about is the lack of qualified people in Seychelles to do the required jobs. In this context, what is baffling is the vast amount of training courses that are provided to our citizens both locally and internationally. So what is the problem? There are several issues here but one is that many of the courses are probably not immediately relevant or transferable to the job at hand.

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