Seychelles: Conserving a unique environment provides conservation opportunities

As the plane approaches Seychelles International Airport on Mahé, your first view of the island is of spectacular emerald green forest-clad hills. From the air, or from any hilltop viewpoint on Mahé, these forests look ancient and untouched. However, this forest is largely artificial. Its main species have been introduced by man. Forest dominated by species native to Seychelles is restricted to a few places. But, with the new century, the tide may be changing for the wildlife of Seychelles as islands are restored to a more natural state.

Regional Marine Science Takes Off

I am in Mauritius attending the the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Symposium which opened on Monday this week. This impressive gathering of scientists, mostly from the region but also from other parts of the world, is held very 2 years.

Sharks are at risk

The tragic death of Rolly Lesperance, apparently resulting from a shark attack, has shocked the nation. Despite rumors of foul play or other allegations, the incident has awoken a primal fear of shark attacks in many people. But the truth is that sharks are at risk and not us.

Sick Birds put World at Risk

The world may be on the verge of a pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that all countries undertake urgent actions to prepare for a new, global, influenza pandemic. I wrote about this earlier in this newspaper but the poultry flu strain known as H5N1 continues to move across the world. Wild birds are frequently blamed which is why I am interested.

Mars is coming

Mars is on my mind. Not because of the War of the Worlds, a story about a Martian invasion of earth which I read when I was 13 and which has been made into a Hollywood blockbuster starring Tom Cruise. No, it is because planet Mars has been one of the brightest objects in the sky for some time. 

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