Italian language guide for Cousin

Italian visitors to Cousin Island Special Reserve now have access to information on the island in their own language thanks to Prof. Massimo Pandolfi of the University of Urbino and the Seychelles Heritage Conservation Study Group.

Prof. Pandolfi recently presentedCousin's italian language leaflet Nature Seychelles with an Italian version of the Cousin Island tourist information leaflet he helped produce with his colleagues.

Pandolfi was responding to a need for a third translation of the leaflet that is currently in English and French. He received support for its typesetting and printing from the Darwin Cooperative Society of Rome and WWF Italy, and Air Seychelles who provided freight from Italy to Mahe. Kerstin Henri, Nature Seychelles’ projects coordinator, received the leaflets on behalf of Nature Seychelles and expressed the organization's gratitude to Pandolfi and all who helped him to get the leaflet translated, printed and sent to Mahe. Prof. Pandolfi also presented Nature Seychelles with a donation of Euros 2000 for its conservation work on Cousin. “We are very grateful for this help and we look forward to future collaboration.” Nirmal Shah, Nature Seychelles’ CEO on receiving the donation.

Pandolfi has had a long association with the Seychelles. He and a team from Urbino University have been conducting various research including on the Seychelles Kestrel (Katiti), an endemic to the granitic Seychelles whose findings were revealed in Zwazo 19.

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