Tourists flocking to Seychelles despite shark attacks

The two recent horrific shark attacks has not had an effect on tourism in Seychelles. On the contrary August, when the two attacks  occurred,  saw a 32% in increase  in tourism numbers over the same period  last year. Eighteen thousand tourists visited Seychelles in August. This month shows almost a 40% increase in the average numbers of visitors to Seychelles in August over the last 5 years.  Despite scary stories in British tabloids Europe remains Seychelles’ leading tourism market.

Government against indiscriminate killing of sharks

Tuesday 23.8.2011: The government of Seychelles has reiterated in a Press Release today that it is against putting a bounty on sharks and the indiscriminate killing of sharks.  It has reaffirmed the fact that it will apply internationally accepted best practices to address the problem based on advice from the shark experts.

Half of Seychelles Land Territory to be Protected

Press Release, Office of the President, 17.06.2011: The Seychelles Government has announced that it will soon declare new protected areas in the archipelago, which will result in half (50.59%) of all Seychelles land becoming protected under the law. The Cabinet has approved this week the designation of protected areas, which will amount to 15.72km2 of land, representing 3.53% of Seychelles land territory, which totals 45 500 hectares (excluding reclaimed area).

WWF/WIOMSA Western Indian Ocean Tuna Challenge - Special Call for Concept Notes

With tuna stocks worldwide in decline, the growing international demand for tuna, including illegal, unregulated and unreported fisheries, has put the rich tuna stocks of the region under serious threat. 70 to 80% of the Indian Ocean Tuna, worth 2 to 3 billion US$ annually, is caught in the Western Indian Ocean sub-region. WWF and WIOMSA are announcing a call for the development of Concept Notes for innovative research projects regarding the ecological as well as socio-economic challenges facing the Tuna industry in the Western Indian Ocean sub-region.

Download this file (426_Special Call for Concept Notes_WIO Tuna Challenge_Final.pdf)WWF/WIOMSA Western Indian Ocean Tuna Challenge[WWF/WIOMSA Western Indian Ocean Tuna Challenge]121 kB

Seychelles aims to prevent E. Coli outbreak

People urged to take precautionary measure, By Jemina Robert TODAY 8 June 2011

The Public Health Commissioner said Seychelles is on full alert as the world's largest and most deadliest E. Coli outbreak that has already killed 14 people in Germany and left 300 seriously ill, spreads to other northern European countries. It is believed the infection has spread as far as the United States of America.

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