Project for Reclaimed Eden Island

The developers of the reclaimed Eden Island made their first lease payment of US$ 2.5 million to the government of Seychelles in March 2005.  It was the Minister for Land Use & Habitat, Mr Joel Morgan, who confirmed the payment from Graig Heeger, representative of the Zone 10 Development Company.  

Five Star Resort at Anse Louis

The construction of a 21 million euro five star hotel is underway at Anse Louis.  The project, which consists of the construction of 30 villas, is a joint venture between Southern Sun Hotels and a local entrepreneur Mr. Joe Albert.

Bringing back the Seychelles Fody

Under the Nature Seychelles program VIPS (Volunteer International Program for Seychelles) a  volunteer from Germany has been in Seychelles to help with population censuses of  a Seychelles endemic bird, as well as with seabirds. Harald Legge, from near Dortmund, has recently completed two weeks on Denis island engaged in the study of the Seychelles Fody, or Toktok.

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