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Get your mats out and prepare to get your stretch on, Eco Healing through Green Yoga and Green Exercise is back!

On Monday, 22nd February, Nature Seychelles welcomes its new Eco-Health Manager, Roxanne Radovanovic. Great news for the members of our Green Health Program who have who have been persistent with their phone and email enquiries, pining for their regular body, mind and soul work.

Seeds of Change: Seychelles’ agriculture needs an extreme makeover to face 21st Century challenges

The Seychelles is burdened with meetings – scores of them every month with the majority being quite forgettable and having little impact. However, I was at a not-so-ordinary workshop on Monday which may turn out to be a game changer for the entire country. This was the presentation of the Seychelles Agriculture Sector Development Study funded by the African Development Bank (AFDB). Behind this seemingly innocuous name is a large project that will be proposed to the AFDB for financing up to the tune of 25 million US dollars over 6 years.

Warning: Coral bleaching, again!

This is how a healthy coral reef should look like

A report from Nature Seychelles Reef Rescuers Program

Its official, our oceans are experiencing a coral bleaching event on a global scale. Since October 2015, scientists of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have been reporting high ocean temperatures across Hawaii and the Caribbean, causing widespread coral bleaching. The phenomenon has now reached the Western Indian Ocean, which has been on coral bleaching alert since the 4th of January this year.

A year in seabird breeding

 This White Tern Chick will transform into a fairy-white adult bird

While it is that time to map out goals for the year ahead, it is also a good time to look back on the year. On Cousin Island Special Reserve it is time to look at the breeding success of some of the birds found on the island. Breeding success is an important parameter when monitoring seabird colonies, as it can be a useful indicator of the health and status of marine ecosystems, and just of the breeding colony in general.

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