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pdf Conservation Boot Camp Handbook 2019-Edition 3 Popular

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Conservation Boot Camp Handbook 2019-Edition 3

This document will introduce you to the Conservation Boot Camp program and will help you understand the magic and reality of working on Cousin Island Special Reserve.

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Indiana Jones of wildlife conservation

As the frontman of Nature Seychelles, Dr Nirmal Jivan Shah is no typical chief executive. He has rescued birds from extinction, is leading a team developing bleach-resistant ‘supercorals’, runs the world’s first carbonfree nature reserve and describes coming face to face with a bull shark on a dive in the Aldabra lagoon as “exhilarating”. As British Airways launches a new flight to the Seychelles on 24 March, the Indiana Jones of wildlife conservation shines a light on the exceptional inhabitants of this archipelago.

pdf Marvellous Mangroves

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Marvellous Mangroves

The importance of mangroves.

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