Green-backed Heron's hunting tactics

Bart Labuschagne, a birdwatcher reports his observation of a hunting experience of a green-backed heron at the wetland marsh at the Plantation Club, Mahe, Seychelles with photos.

The first attemp

waiting patiently

Moving its bait to a new location

Waiting in a ready-to-strike-position
All photos © Bart Labuschagne

I observed on the edge of the Plantation Club lagoon on Sunday 12 Feb 2006.  It collected a piece of bread thrown onto the grass for the ducks, placed it in the water, and then crouched down in a hunting position ready to strike at any hapless minnow tempted. After a five minutes or so, it picked up the piece of bread & replaced it a little further & resumed its crouch. After several more minutes it picked the same piece of bread out of the water & shifted to a new location several metres away were it yet again placed the bread in the water & stood at the ready. Sadly I could not wait around to see if it was rewarded for its efforts, but I presume that it must be a successful tactic in that environment.

Green-backed Herons at the Plantation Club wetland marsh have been reported using bread thrown by tourists as bait to catch fish.

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