A little ELLP from your friends

New leaders of the Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles (WCS) met with some of the youth-focused environmental organisation’s old hands recently to pick up some pointers on how to run their own school-based clubs.

Held at the Nature Seychelles Environment and Education Centre, Roche Caiman, the three day training course was the 2007 instalment of the clubs’ annual Environmental Leadership Learning Programme (ELLP), which equips new WCS leaders with the environmental and educational skills needed to run clubs in over 30 schools. 17 WCS leaders took part in the ELLP training, which was facilitated by seven members of staff from Nature Seychelles, WCS and related organisations, providing technical expertise on environmental and educational matters.

“The Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles are dedicated to raising environmental awareness among young Seychellois. Many of the new leaders are both young and relatively new to teaching, so bring with them new and innovative ideas which help the clubs better serve their members needs,” said WCS Coordinator Lyndy Bastienne after the training session.
Of the WCS leaders who received training some will immediately take the lead role in their school clubs, while others will act as assistants to the existing club leaders. But all of them will be put straight in the front line of broadening the environmental understanding of young Seychellois.
“The annual ELLP is about increasing the capacity of the Wildlife Clubs, giving the new leaders the skills they need to run their clubs and adding their fresh new ideas to the pool of environmental education expertise which the clubs have on offer,” said Ms Bastienne.

The Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles already operate in the vast majority of Seychelles’ schools but are now looking to build further bridges with local communities.
Step one in this process involved inviting a youth representative from the local district centre to attend the workshop to examine methods for environmental education to be spread further.

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