Seychelles and the blue economy at Rio+20

Seychelles blue economySeychelles Vice President Danny Faure, who was representing the country at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development  Rio+20, has said future negotiations on the green economy should include the issue of blue economy. "As islanders, we would like the blue economy to be an integral part of future negotiations on the green economy," the Vice President told the Conference. "The oceans, seas, and their resources, not to mention the islands and coastal areas, are important for global food security and for achieving sustainable economic prosperity," he said.

Nature Seychelles receives support to rehabilitate mangroves

mangroves for the future projectThe award-winning Sanctuary at Roche Caiman, managed by Nature Seychelles has gained support  from  Mangroves for the Future (MFF), an international initiative  that stretches from Asia to Seychelles. The MFF has approved USD 25,000 in financial support to Nature Seychelles to carry out a mangrove rehabilitation project called Mangroves for Mankind at the Sanctuary. Nature Seychelles is also providing co-funding for the project aimed at improving the wetland ecosystem.

Reef Rescuers: The people who plant corals

rope nurseriesIn 2010, Nature Seychelles launched the reef rescuers project on Praslin. Financially supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), this project seeks to repair coral bleaching damage in selected sites around Praslin and Cousin Island Special Reserve.

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