New marine science forum launched

Young local marine scientists will be able to improve the skills needed to give oral presentations of their research results through a series of talks organised by the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA).

Environmentalists frustrated by tuna commission

northern bluefin tunaThe Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) has been criticised by WWF for failing to introduce catch limits for the commercial fish species under its control. The 14th Annual Meeting of the Seychelles-based IOTC held in Korea from  1-5 March ultimately left WWF feeling frustrated,  but progress was made on some key issues relating to protection of sharks and seabirds

News Flash: Seychelles 1st Tuna Conference - Declaration

The First Seychelles Tuna Conference was held in Victoria from 5-6 February 2010 bringing together nearly 200 scientists, fishers, environmentalists and policy makers. At the end of the conference participants agreed to, among other things, contribute to the conservation of the ecosystem and the sustainable use of tuna resources by supporting the timely adoption of effective conservation and management measures based on the best scientific advice.

John Collie leaves us

John Collie passed away at the Ayrshire Hospice, Ayr, Scotland at 11:10 am on December 30th 2009. John, a popular and well known personality in Seychelles was active in conservation for many years.

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