International and Regional Documents

Public domain international and regional papers that offer a global perspective on common and shared issues


Conservation Biology for All
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Navjot S. Sodhi & Paul R. Ehrlich (eds) 2010. Conservation Biology for All. © Oxford University Press 2010.
Croxall et all. 2012. Seabird conservation status, threats and priority actions: a global assessment. Bird Conservation International (2012) 22:1–34. © BirdLife International, 2012

Connecting with nature
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RSPB. 2013. Connecting with nature

Establishing a marine protected area in the Chagos Archipelago: socio-economic considerations - Report of workshop held 7 January 2010, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK.
Peter Sand. 2010. The Chagos Archipelago – Footprint of Empire, or World Heritage? Environmental Policy and Law, 40/5 (2010)

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