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Public domain international and regional papers that offer a global perspective on common and shared issues


Here we document and predict long-term reef responses to a major climateinduced coral bleaching event that caused unprecedented regionwide mortality of Indo-Pacific corals.

Nash et al. Ecosphere 2016 The resilience of an ecosystem can be defined as its capacity to absorb disturbances while maintaining structure and function (Holling 1973). It has proved challenging to predict
ecosystem resilience because its loss may only be apparent when thresholds are reached and the system
moves to an alternate state (Bellwood et al. 2004).

Pacific islands intimately connect land and sea. Rats, cats, and other invasive species quickly destroy these links, particularly by predating on native forest seeds, forest birds, sea birds, and other vital ecosystem
components. Effective management of invasive species is key to protect terrestrial and marine systems, supporting their function and increasing their resilience to change.

Mauritius Declaration on Ocean Sciences from the Roundtable Discussion on Advancing Ocean Sciences in Africa 25-26 July 2016 in Port Louis, Mauritius Recognizing the emerging importance of the ocean to Africa, scientists from a dozen African nations met to discuss ways to grow the relevant scientific capacity and ensure that scientific knowledge is available to inform public understanding and policy. Both established and emerging scientists attended. Participants decided to create a network of African scientists (including both social and natural sciences) devoted to advancing ocean sciences in Africa. They crafted the following statement.

In September 2015, ODI published a global SDG scorecard, Projecting Progress: Reaching the SDGs by 2030.This report, modelled on that global scorecard, presents a more detailed analysis of projected progress for sub-Saharan Africa. It uses data collected during the MDG period and calculates progress forward to establish where we would be in 2030 if current trends continue.

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