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  • "Nature red in tooth and claw" is a saying attributed to the English poet, Tennyson. It describes the at times violent nature of animals. We don't have the bloody animal drama often depicted on National Geographic TV shows here in Seychelles. Not on land, at least. But we see our share of fighting and killing worthy of a mention. Here are a few from Cousin Island.
  • If you happened to be by the hill at night last week on Cousin Island, you would have heard a strange wail that sounds something like this, 'a-wooo-aaaa, 'a-wooo-aaaa'. It resounds all over this area in rock cavities and burrows. Sometimes it rises to a cacophony. For the uninitiated, it can be quite frightening. In fact, it was once associated with ghosts in the old days.
  • Nature is the grandest stage in the universe. Our conservation officer on Cousin Island Special Reserve, Chris Tagg, can testify to this. He sees nature in high definition every day. Last week, he saw something amazing.
  • In the shifting tides, their stilt-like roots anchor them in mud and brackish water, as they stand tall on the boundary between land and sea. They sift out our pollution and trap sediment from land, keeping it from reaching the ocean. They prevent flooding, storm surges, rising sea levels, and erosion. They support a variety of life and are excellent at absorbing and storing carbon. Mangroves are...
  • Sharks are some of the most misrepresented creatures. They have a tarnished image in people's minds because of their portrayal in the media, particularly in scary movies. Many people, even those who have never seen one or live far away from the ocean, fear sharks. 
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  • Fishermen at odds wit Luxury development

    (Seychelles Nation) The Roche Caiman Fishermen Association has said it opts to remain in its current location at the entrance of Eden Island for now, and wants to co-exist with the luxurious residential marina, built on reclaimed land. The association, which regroups around twenty fishermen from Roche Caiman, Plaisance and[…]

  • World Oceans Day: CMA CGM continues with its commitment to restoring coral reefs

    The CMA CGM Group is continuing with its worldwide Reef Recovery program. Five coral nurseries in Australia, Florida, the Philippines, and Seychelles. CMA CGM, committed to the environment and our oceans. The CMA CGM Group, a global player in sea, land, air and logistics solutions, recognizes the global importance and[…]


A once in a lifetime opportunity

Up for a challenge? Join the #ReefRescuers

Volunteer Scientific Diver in focus

Dive into coral reef restoration with our Reef Rescuers team. We have an opportunity for 2 volunteer Scientific Divers to assist with implementing a coral reef restoration project in the Cousin Island Special Reserve Learn more

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Implementing the SDGs

At Nature Seychelles we are committed to working with government, development partners and donors in implementing relevant actions, in particular, looking at certain goals where we can build on our existing strengths. Read more


Seychelles Wildlife

Natural environment of the Seychelles

Seychelles is a unique environment, which sustains a very special biodiversity. It is special for a number of different reasons. These are the oldest oceanic islands to be found anywhere...

Bird Watching

Seychelles is a paradise for birdwatchers, you can easily see the unique land birds, the important sea bird colonies, and the host of migrants and vagrants. Some sea bird...

Seychelles Black Parrot

Black Parrot or Kato Nwar in Creolee is brown-grey in colour, not truly black. Many bird experts treat it as a local form of a species found in Madagascar and...

Fairy Tern

The Fairy (or white) Tern is a beautiful bird seen on all islands in Seychelles, even islands like Mahe where they are killed by introduced rats, cats and Barn Owls....

Introduced Land Birds

A little over two hundred years ago, there were no humans living permanently in Seychelles. When settlement occurred, people naturally brought with them the animals and plants they needed to...

Native Birds

Although over 190 different species of bird have been seen on or around the central islands of Seychelles (and the number is increasing all the time), many of these are...

Migrant Shore Birds

Shallow seas and estuaries are very rich in invertebrate life. Many birds feed on the worms, crabs and shellfish in these habitats; often, they have long bills for probing sand...

Seychelles Magpie Robin

The most endangered of the endemic birds, Seychelles Magpie Robin or Pi Santez in Creole, came close to extinction in the late twentieth century; in 1970 there were only about...

Seychelles Blue Pigeon

The Seychelles Blue Pigeon or Pizon Olande in Creole, spends much of its life in the canopy of trees and eats the fruits of figs, bwa dir, ylang ylang and...

Seychelles White-eye

The Seychelles White-eye or Zwazo Linet in Creole, is rare and endemic. They may sometimes be seen in gardens and forest over 300m at La Misere, Cascade and a few...

Seychelles Black Paradise Flycatcher

The Seychelles Black Paradise Flycatcher or the Vev in Creole is endemic to Seychelles, you cannot find this bird anywhere else on earth. Although it was once widespread on...

Seychelles Sunbird

The tiny sunbird or Kolibri in Creole, is one of the few endemic species that has thrived since humans arrived in the Seychelles.



  • Stopped near extinctions of birds +

    Down-listing of the critically endangered Seychelles warbler from Critically Endangered to Near Threatened. Other Seychelles birds have also been saved including the Seychelles Magpie Robin, Seychelles Fody, and the Seychelles
  • Restored whole island ecosystems +

    We transformed Cousin Island from a coconut plantation to a thriving vibrant and diverse island ecosystem. Success achieved on Cousin was replicated on other islands with similar conservation activities.
  • Championed climate change solutions +

    Nature Seychelles has risen to the climate change challenge in our region in creative ways to adapt to the inevitable changing of times.
  • Education and Awareness +

    We have been at the forefront of environmental education, particularly with schools and Wildlife clubs
  • Sustainable Tourism +

    We manage the award-winning eco-tourism programme on Cousin Island started in 1970
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