Seychelles Warbler

The Seychelles Warbler or Timerl Dezil in Creole, came very close to extinction in the twentieth century. In 1968 there were about 26 birds left in a small patch of mangrove trees on Cousin Island.

Seychelles Warbler © Martijn Hammers

Cousin Island was declared a nature reserve in 1968; coconut palms were removed and native trees grew up all over the island. The warbler population increased rapidly as warbler moved into the new habitat. Cousin Island reached carrying capacity for Warblers in 1982, allowing new populations to be established on Cousine and Aride in 1988 and 1990, the work was coordinated by Birdlife International. It was translocated by Nature Seychelles to Denis Island in 2004, and to Fregate in 2011. This is one of the big conservation success stories in Seychelles. Further transfers could allow this species to be removed from the list of threatened birds. The goal is to increase the range of the species to five places, and the numbers to over 3,000, then reclassify the species to a lesser category of Near Threatened.


Scientific name: Acrophalus sechellensis

Conservation status:Vulnerable
Population in Seychelles About 3,500 birds
Distribution in Seychelles Cousin, Cousine, Aride, Denis and Fregate
Habitat: Lowland forests and scrub
Nest: A cub-shaped structure, made of grass, coconut fibres, etc. One or two eggs (rarely up to four)
Diet: Small insects caught on vegetation
Identification: A small, brown bird, about the size of a fody but slimmer, with longer legs and narrow beak

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