Bridled Tern

The Bridled Tern looks similar to the Sooty Tern but is smaller and grey above rather than pure black.  Colonies are smaller, and less densely packed with birds, than those of the Sooty Tern.

Bridled Tern © Jeff Watson

In Seychelles, breeding does not take place annually as fro most seabirds but every eight months.  All the birds in a colony nest at the same time although birds in different colonies do not necessarily nest at the same time.  The Bridled Tern is not such a long distance traveler as the Sooty Tern.  Mostly it stays around the breeding islands.

The largest colony of Bridle Terns in Seychelles is on the rocky island of Récif


Scientific name: Onychoprion anaethetus
Creole name: Fansen
Wingspan: 77 – 81 cm
Population in the Seychelles: 4,000 PAIRS
World distribution: Worldwide in warmer oceans
Distribution in Seychelles: Breeds on predator-free islands including Aride, Cousin, Cousin, Récif and other small islands
Nest: On the ground, shaded by rocks or vegetation.  Does not build a nest. One egg laid
Diet: Small fish
Identification: A medium-sized tern, gry brown above with black flight feathers, black cap and eye stripe. Underside white.

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