Anse Boileau Secondary School gets an Environmental Activity Centre

Nature Seychelles and the Ministry of Education partner to foster new generation of conservationists

Anse Boileau Secondary School is the proud recipient of a much-anticipated environmental activity centre for its Locally Empowered Area Protection (LEAP) Junior Club.

Commemorative photo with attendees

Commemorative photo with attendees at the launch of the centre.

On 9th April, Minister of Education Dr. Justin Valentin inaugurated the new centre at the school, which has been donated by Nature Seychelles. It is part of the Locally Empowered Area Protection Project (LEAP). Funded by the German Climate Change Initiative (IKI) through the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), LEAP aims to empower local communities in the Port Glaud District to take an active role in protecting the Baie Ternay and Port Launay Marine National Parks. The LEAP Centre was built at the Anse Boileau School because it serves as the secondary school for students hailing from Port Glaud.

In attendance were officials from the ministries of education and environment, representatives of Nature Seychelles, the school and district administration, students, parents, and members of the LEAP local committee.

Minister of Education Dr. Justin Valentin inaugurated the new centre

 Minister of Education Dr. Justin Valentin inaugurated the new centre

For the past two years, twenty students at the school have been active in the LEAP Junior Club and participated in educational sessions focused on the ocean's biodiversity and ecosystems in and around the marine national parks. Two teachers from the school – Marie-Vonne Auguste and Julia Fabien - facilitate the club's activities supported by Nature Seychelles' staff.

The Nature Seychelles LEAP team has found the students to be passionate about safeguarding Seychelles' natural treasures. Through a series of classroom and outdoor learning experiences, they gained a deeper understanding of key marine habitats and ecosystems.

Club objectives include educating them on environmental stewardship. Members identify, monitor, and address local issues.

The newly constructed activity centre will serve as a venue for club meetings and showcase members' work to raise school and community awareness about marine conservation.

Speaking at the launch, Minister Valentin said the unveiling of the club symbolized an exciting chapter in the school’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

By equipping students with the knowledge and tools to address pressing environmental challenges, we cultivate a generation of informed citizens who can make sustainable choices in their everyday lives,” the minister said.

The centre will serve as a venue for club meetings and showcase members work

The centre will serve as a venue for club meetings and showcase members work

While thanking Nature Seychelles and the LEAP project for the generous donation to the school, the minister said it symbolised the long-lasting partnership between Nature Seychelles and the Ministry, which for over 20 years, has been contributing to environmental education through programs such as the wildlife clubs, outdoor learning at the Sanctuary at Roche Caiman, and through developing many learning and curricula materials.

The schools headteacher Jina Labiche giving her remarks

The school's headteacher Jina Labiche making her remarks

The school's headteacher, Jina Labiche, expressed gratitude to all those who helped install the activity centre, including the technical team, support staff, facilitators, and students.

"I have observed many Wednesday afternoon sessions where students ask questions or explore marine habitats outside the school walls. The centre will continue to encourage these activities and allow students to experience the environment beyond the four walls of the classroom," she said.

I urge our students and staff to embrace this gift and utilize it as a tool for learning, inspiration, and action,” she added.

the The LEAP project aims to empower local communities

The LEAP project aims to empower local communities

Nature Seychelles' Chief Executive, Dr. Nirmal Shah, called this a significant step towards local involvement in marine conservation.

By initiating a co-management process with the designated authority in the Baie Ternay and Port Launay marine national parks, the LEAP project aims to empower local communities and enhance their capacity to protect and preserve these precious marine ecosystems. By targeting youth, we ensure these resources are in safe hands in the near future.”

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