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What has nature ever done for us? Zwazo 26 investigates

Zwazo Nature and Ecosystem ServicesThe 26th issue of Zwazo, the one-of-a-kind, long running,  full colour conservation magazine published by Nature Seychelles, takes a look at Nature and Ecosystem services. Exploring the subject are features written by authors  from Seychelles and the region covering a wide range of subjects that show us how our lives and well-being depend on nature. Nature is like a vast window display at the baker's says Martin Varley in his article "Who ate nature's cake?" In the same way that bakers provide a wide variety of products we need, so does nature.

Zwazo magazine goes in search of the Green Economy

Zwazo number 25In the past few years, the concept of a "Green Economy" has received a lot of attention as an alternative vision for sustainable growth. In the just concluded Rio+20 summit for Sustainable Development the concept was accepted as an ‘an important tool’ to deliver sustainable growth. What is the green economy? A special issue of Zwazo Magazine, the only colour magazine of its kind in Seychelles, takes a spotlight to this idea.

Zwazo magazine shows how science supports conservation

Late last year, we were excited to report that an incredible milestone had been achieved in species conservation in Seychelles. The Seychelles warbler, once on the verge of extinction has made an astonishing recovery and could well be on its way to being taken off the Red List of Threatened Species. The success has been achieved largely through a translocation program that has increased the warbler numbers. Began in 1988, it resulted in the establishment of four new populations, from the original in Cousin Island.

Zwazo looks at Sustainable Living

The latest issue of Zwazo, the unique and long running, full colour conservation magazine published twice yearly by Nature Seychelles, is on 'Sustainable Living' - a complex but important subject. Sustainable living is about making fundamental lifestyle choices and decisions in favour of the environment and the earth's non-renewable resources.

Zwazo 22 tackles climate change

It’s difficult to talk about climate change without a touch of desperation. The news we hear is grim. From failed talks, to extreme warming events in our seas, species in danger, floods, droughts and crop failures. The world is indeed in peril.
But slowly this harsh reality is beginning to be tempered with stories of hope. We hear now about activities to mitigate and adapt to climate change. The latest Zwazo - number 22 - brings you some of these stories. 

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