Scientific Papers

Nature Seychelles, partners' and other published scientific papers in PDF format. Note that these papers have been made available to Nature Seychelles by their authors and have been made publicly available to the extent that any applicable copyrights are respected by those who download them. Copies of papers downloaded may be used for educational and non-commercial purposes only and may not be reproduced or circulated.  

Robinson et al. 2008. Dynamics of camouflage (Epinepheluspolyphekadion) and brown marbled grouper (Epinephelus fuscoguttat. BULLETIN OF MARINE SCIENCE, 83(2): 415–431, 2008
McClanahan et al. 2008. Conservation action in a changing climate. Conservation Letters 1 (2008) 53–59
Diamond A.W. 1979. Dynamic ecology of Aldabran seabird communities. Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. Lond. B, 286: 231-240
Robinson et al. 2008. Reef Fish Spawning Aggregations in the Western Indian Ocean: Current Knowledge and Implications for Management
O'Leary JK, McClanahan TR. 2010. Fishing induced trophic cascades results in coralline algal loss: a case study in Kenya challenges paradigms regarding grazer effects. Ecology 91: 3584-3597.

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