The secret world of mini-beasts

Two young people from Anse Etoile came into our office bearing gifts today. They had four jars holding dragonfly nymphs that they’d fished out of their pool. Did we want to keep them? they asked. We offered to house them at the Sanctuary at Roche Caiman, the wetland which is inhabited by an abundant invertebrates population dominated by dragonflies and damselflies and includes palm spiders, slugs, mangrove crabs and stick insects. We were keen to diversify the wild life in the Sanctuary. As they are in larval stage we will keep them in a safe place, away from the fish.

How well do you know your Seychelles Lizards?

Many of us in Seychelles, it is safe to say, are familiar with at least one member of our local lizard population. Quite a number take residence in our homes. The house geckos – pale, nocturnal lizards – gather around lights to feed on moths and other insects.  Although some people are put off by their translucent body, others are so fond of their house geckos they name them.

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