Coral tales – The good, the bad and the algae

We have heard our scientists talk about coral reefs, coral bleaching, and coral reef restoration in Seychelles. We’ve heard that reefs are important to us for what they provide – food, protection from storms, and beautiful beaches, as well as revenue and employment in the fishing and diving sectors. We’ve heard that they support rich communities of marine life, from sharks to flatworms, and are home to 25 per cent of all marine life.

From Ireland to Seychelles: Volunteering as a Reef Rescuer

When I was told by an old employer that I should check out this coral reef restoration project in Seychelles it sounded like the perfect opportunity. I had just finished my degree in Marine Science and I was desperate to do something outside of my home country of Ireland that would benefit the environment.

Backyard nature: Appreciating the Eden at our doorstep

One morning, I woke up to a very well-connected neighbour setting up a house next to mine. A palm spider, the ubiquitous arachnid known to many of us, had spun its web across the stairs using my balcony and staircase railing as anchors. Each morning I had to duck under the extensive web to avoid walking into it. I feared not the spider but breaking the silky strands of this valiant spinner. In time, the lady's web became extremely dense, with small males and insects scattered around her. I would watch her deftly take insects for a meal.

Do You Want to Do Something for Earth Month?

Earth. The 3rd planet from the sun and the 5th largest planet in our solar system. Our home and the only life-sustaining planet in our solar system. 8 billion people live on it on 5 continents and share it with millions of other species.

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