Conservation in the time of COVID: An Earth Day reflection

By Dr. Nirmal Jivan Shah - Chief Executive, Nature Seychelles

Origin Story (Zoo: English = of animal; noses: Greek = disease)

In 2006, in an article entitled, “Animal Diseases are spreading to Humans” published in The People, the ruling party newspaper in Seychelles, I warned authorities that: “Diseases like avian flu which, are able to be transmitted from animals to humans (zoonoses) have the potential to be a major global threat”. I said that “..the prospects are scary for Seychelles..”

Conservation world calls on UN to make a ‘healthy natural environment’ a human right

The BirdLife partnership (Nature Seychelles is BirdLife's Partner in Seychelles) has marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day by calling for the UN to take a bold and unprecedented step: declare a healthy natural environment a fundamental human right. The leading global conservation partnership made the call in an open letter to the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres. 

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